The price of Capture One for Sony, Fuji and Nikon has indeed gone up from $129 to $199

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A few days ago, an apparently leaked press release from Capture One indicated that the price of their software would be going up. And now, it’s official. The prices of Capture One for Sony, Fuji and Nikon have all increased from their previous price of $129 up to a $199 – a whopping 54% increase.

While the price has indeed gone up, it apparently comes with the benefit of “2 seats” (meaning you can install it on two machines), but from looking at the Capture One website a few days ago, they’d already implemented that at the lower price. I’m not sure it’s even worth them pursuing four separate versions at this point.

Prices of everything, of course, go up. It is a fact of life, but this is a significant increase, and Capture One Pro’s price has stayed exactly where it was. In fact, the monthly subscription to Capture One Pro has actually gone down. Here is a comparison of the before and after pricing (the before pricing is the cheaper one).

The Capture One Pro price for a perpetual license has stayed exactly where it was, at $299, although the monthly subscription cost has dropped from $20/mo to $19/mo. Capture One for Sony, Nikon and Fuji have increased, however, going from $129 to $199 for perpetual licenses and from $9.99/mo to $14/mo for subscriptions.

As I said, prices go up. For everything. It’s a part of life and we accept it. But the increase here makes it difficult to go with the brand-specific versions anymore, especially if you’re paying monthly. But even for the perpetual license, it’s probably worth going for that now instead – especially with as much as people are changing brands these days.

Capture One is a wonderful tool, but I’m just not sure how this makes sense. Sure, the brand-specific versions may offer just about everything the Pro version does, but with prices this close, why even bother making separate versions anymore?

Do you use Capture One? Are you perpetual or subscription?

If you want to try out Capture One and take it for a spin, you can download a 30-day free trial on the Capture One website.

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