Photographer matches sky photos with silhouettes in this fun creative project

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I usually don’t find sky photos to be the most interesting photos in the world. But the Netherlands-based photographer Lân Nguyen has challenged my opinion. By adding simple silhouettes to the scene, he manages to turn sky photos into fun and super-creative artwork.

Looking at Lân’s photos, I couldn’t figure out exactly how he makes them. Are all these silhouettes paper cutouts, or are some of them real photos? Also, are they taken in-camera or Photoshop composites? So – I asked, and Lân told me that, basically, all of these answers were correct.

“It’s always different,” Lân tells DIYP. “Sometimes I just use real silhouettes of things or I cut paper to make a silhouette, and sometimes I Photoshop them in.” Every photo starts with an idea and then he waits until there’s a good sunset that would turn this idea into reality. He always tries to capture the silhouettes and sunsets directly in-camera. If he doesn’t manage to do it, he uses Photoshop to add the silhouettes later. “It’s basically the best of both worlds,” he concludes, and I’d say that each of the techniques he uses turns sky photos into fun little stories told through pictures.

Check out more of Lân’s photos below, and don’t forget to follow his work on his website, Instagram, and YouTube.

[via My Modern Met]

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