Canon EOS M to be killed off in 2021, two new APS-C RF mount cameras to be announced

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The potential impending death of Canon’s EOS M APS-C mirrorless camera system seems like it’s just been drawn out for far too long. One minute Canon’s still full steam ahead on EOS M and the next there are rumours of the inevitable demise of the entire APS-C Canon EOS M lineup.

The latest rumours, though, suggest we won’t have much longer to wait to find out the fate of Canon APS-C, with multiple sources confirming to Canon Rumors that this will be the final year for EOS M and that two APS-C RF mount cameras are coming. Oddly, though, there won’t be any dedicated APS-C RF mount lenses.

Their sources told them that the Canon EOS M50 Mark II was simply a “stop-gap for a couple of future RF mount APS-C cameras”. So, essentially, people wanted an M50 successor (although, they probably wanted one without the ridiculous 4K crop), APS-C RF also wasn’t ready, so they released the M50 Mark II.

CR seems to think that Canon will “have a winner” if they can come up with an RF mount camera that’s about the same size as existing EOS M cameras, but I think they’re also going to piss off a lot of existing EOS M users in the process if support for the system is suddenly dropped overnight. Of course, it might bode well for the future, for those who haven’t yet jumped on the EOS M system or are looking to switch up from their APS-C EF mount DSLRs.

Both of CR’s sources say that there will be no dedicated APS-C lenses for the RF system, but that future lens design will “fill the void” of that hole. This, too, is going to come with some mixed reactions from customers, I think. APS-C users will want to know why they’re paying for full-frame lenses when they’ll never fully utilise it? I’m not saying I necessarily agree, although I can see that perspective. Of course, the obvious benefit it is that it would allow them to switch up to full-frame without having to rebuy a bunch of lenses.

As for exactly what new APS-C RF mount cameras are coming (assuming the rumours are true), and when… Beyond “sometime in 2021”, there are no real indications yet.

[via Canon Rumors]

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