Watch a photographer debunk viral photography “hacks” in this hilarious video

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I believe you’ve seen some of those viral fast-paced videos that show you all kinds of “hacks” and “tricks” that don’t really seem like they work. Jessica Kobeissi found one with a bunch of photography “hacks” and she decided to try them out. In this hilarious video, you can see if any of them actually work, and I’m sure you’ll have fun as you’re discovering it.

Jessica tested out “hacks” from 5-Minute Crafts. You know, those videos that show you a “problem,” a trick that allegedly solves it, and then a completely unrealistic result. I particularly like that Jessica chose one of these videos because I love watching them when I can’t sleep. You know that kind of feeling when something is so terrible that you just can’t stop watching? Well, I have it when watching videos like this.

I also love watching content like this because then I can watch the fantastic Ann Reardon debunk it in her videos. But Ann does cooking videos, and I’m really happy to see someone do the same for photography as well. With extra time on my hands now that the lockdowns are on again… I might start doing something like it too.

Have you ever tried any of these “photography hacks?” Have any of them worked for you?

[Testing Viral Photography Hacks…DO THEY WORK?? | Jessica Kobeissi]

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