OnePlus to remove 8 Pro’s controversial camera “x-ray” feature

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Users of OnePlus 8 Pro recently started to notice that the phone’s “color filter camera” can see through plastic and some fabrics. It caused some concerns because, in some instances, it can basically see through clothes. Because of that, OnePlus has now announced that they are temporarily disabling the feature.

The company announced on Weibo that they will start disabling the problematic filter through software update over the following week. Even though the camera can see through clothes only under specific circumstances, OnePlus writes that their users’ privacy comes first.

“When planning the filter lens of OnePlus 8 Pro, we hope to use this lens to perceive the characteristics of infrared light to provide users with a unique texture photography style effect. But recently, based on user feedback, we have found that under very specific environmental conditions, the filter lens may have a slight perspective effect on special materials at very close distances.

All the time, OnePlus has put user privacy in the most important position. In order to eliminate the impact on user privacy under possible extreme circumstances and eliminate everyone ’s concerns, we decided to temporarily disable the filter function through software upgrades. We will Push within one week. [Google-translated]

The infrared filter that makes this feature enabled some cool effects and it made the OnePlus 8 Pro unique. Still, it caused quite a stir when it was revealed that it “sees” through thin plastic and some clothes, so I am not surprised that OnePlus decided to disable it. From what I can understand, this is only a temporary solution, and the feature might be back in the future.

[via Engadget]

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