Dad took over his daughter’s Instagram as punishment for 2 weeks and gets more likes than her

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When I was a kid, social media didn’t exist. Certainly not popularity-based photo platforms like Instagram. If I did something bad, I’d just get grounded. This modern dad, though, when he discovered his 15-year-old daughter Madelynn had helped sneak boys into a sleepover party, gave her two punishment options. No phone for a month or no phone for 2 weeks but their parents get control of their social media.

Madelynn chose the latter, and immediately regretted it. But his antics on her Instagram account have grown it pretty big, and the posts themselves are receiving far more engagement than her own did.

It all began with the post above, and a caption that reads…

This is Maddi. Maddi got herself grounded. She had a choice of no phone for a month or no phone for 2 weeks and we have FULL control of her social media. She chose 2 weeks. So be on the look out for some amazing instagram posts, snap chats and Tiktoks from her parents!!

And that’s where the fun begins. The Instagram posts, while they have bumped her follower count up from almost nothing to over 10K are fairly subdued. A couple of the posts are just typical “dad stuff”, like getting warmed up for his morning run in a slightly cringy outfit.

Although some definitely take “Dad mode” embarrassment in a somewhat more extreme direction.

Over on Madelynn’s TikTok account, though, is where things start to get just a little bit crazier, and he gets the whole family involved there, too. TikTok doesn’t let you easily embed posts, so, like a good dad, he also uploaded them to YouTube.

Madelynn’s punishment is now over, and has posted just a single selfie to her Instagram profile since. Although, many of the comments are asking where dad went and for her to bring him back.

So, there you go, parents. If you need a way to punish your kids, just take over their social media.

[via Bored Panda]

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