How To Create Light Wraps In Photoshop – Light Spills For Better Composites

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Photoshop CC Tutorial Showing to How To Create Light Wraps In Photoshop

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create Light Wraps in Photoshop.

Light Wraps (or Light spills) is a technique that video compositers use, that helps them create better blends between the background and foreground.

Usually you would use a program like Adobe After Effects to create a light wrap for video footage, but in this tutorial we’ll of course use Photoshop to apply this technique to photographs.

You can think of a Light Wrap as a way to simulate the ambient light in a scene that would be casted on to the subject by the background.

In this video I will also show you one quick way in which you can add ambient color to the subject so that it blends better in the scene.

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