Canon will now de-click your RF lens control rings for only $79.99

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Canon is now offering to de-click your RF lens control rings for 80 bucks. What they’re referring to as the “Clicking Sound Modification Service” allows a user to send in their lens to have the click either removed or added back in.

The click of the control ring, canon says, “allows the user to have a sense of how much it is being turned”. But it isn’t always useful. If you’re shooting video, for example, the sound of that control ring may be recorded in your footage.

Personally, I’m not sure all that many people are shooting video with the EOS R or EOS RP bodies, due to the crop factors. And even if they are using them to shoot video, it’s usually pretty rare that you need to adjust things like your ISO and aperture in the middle of a shot. Because it looks ugly. It’s usually done before or after a take where the sound isn’t really essential anyway. You might adjust the zoom and focus while filming, but those don’t click.

De-clicking a lens costs $79.99, and you can also de-click the Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R for $60. Tax and shipping (both ways) are extra.

Are you using the EOS R or EOS RP for video? Is control ring clicking an issue for you?

[via Canon Rumors]

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