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We all get stuck in a creative rut from time to time, and it’s perfectly normal. But if you want to push yourself out of it, there surely are tricks to do it starting today. In this video, Marc Silber gives you three simple, but very efficient ways to awaken your creativity if it’s been asleep for a while. But more than that, these “creative hacks” will help you to improve your creativity over time.

These tricks come from Marc’s book titled Create: Tools from Seriously Talented People to Unleash Your Creative Life. They may be simple, but they’ll make a great impact on your creative work.

1. Power of visualization

The power of visualization refers to seeing the world around you with your photographic mind and eye. However, it also means visualizing yourself as a photographer. Ask yourself what kind of a photographer you are. What do you want to be known for? What is your genre? What is your brand? Visualize yourself and your work based on the answers to these questions, and have this visualization in mind every time before you start pressing the shutter.

2. Strengthen your visualization muscles

When you lack inspiration, seek it. Go to museums, look at art that resonates with you – it can be modern or classical art, depends on your preferences. All that matters is that you soak it in and really feel it. Marc suggests that it’s better to see art in person than in a book or on the computer screen because it makes a greater impact. But, I’d add that even seeing inspirational images online can get your creative juices flowing.

In addition to looking at visual art, listening to music can also have a great impact on your creativity. Live music is always a great idea according to Marc (and as a frequent concert goer, I tend to agree). But, listening to music at home or in nature, but really listening and concentrating on it… It can do wonders for your inspiration, too.

3. Use a notebook

This may be simple, but it’s very effective – use a good ol’ notebook. We do too many things digitally nowadays, and having a physical notebook and pen can get your creativity going.

Use it to take notes on the art that resonates with you when you visit a museum. Write down the goals you want to achieve and the obstacles you want to overcome. Also, write down (or sketch) your photography ideas whenever you have them.

Personally, I use these tricks both for photography and for writing. I particularly rely on music to inspire me, and many of my photos were inspired by music or lyrics of certain songs. I also have my “notebook of ideas” where I write down or sketch my ideas for photos. And there’s another notebook I use for writing ideas, where I write down some thoughts and impressions, which I later turn into stories.

And what are the tricks you use to boost your creativity? Share them in the comments below.

[Create Ep1: 3 Easy Hacks to Improve Your Creativity | Advancing Your Photography]

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