A Guide to Basic Camera Straps: Are You Using Yours Wrong?


If you’re a relatively new photographer who’s using the strap that originally came with your camera, here’s a 10-minute video that may be helpful to you. In it, photography educator Phil Steele runs through the basics of camera straps while offering some helpful tips and tricks you may not have learned before.

Steele covers everything from how to attach your straps in a way that hides the loose ends to how to use your strap to shoot better photos.

For example, one trick is to pull your strap tight to have it serve as a physical stabilizer for your camera — ways to do this include pulling it out while it’s looped around your neck or by stepping on the loop with your foot.

We’ve previously shared a number of basic tip videos by Steele, and you can also find more of his educational content on his website and YouTube channel.

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